I’m getting so sick and tired of having medical problems.

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Peter Murphy, frontman of the legendary post punk/goth band Bauhaus, modelling for Maxell`s iconic early `80s audio cassette UK ad campaign. The music that blows him away in the ad was not of Bauhaus but Modest Mussorgsky`s classical masterpiece "Night on Bald Mountain" (though the use of Bauhaus design elements, like the Le Corbusier LC-2 armchair and the specific flat, can definitely be perceived as hints for the “insiders”…).

Watch the ad, here.

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Dumb Sharks: A collection


Friend: Don’t you wish Rare was still with Nintendo?



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So Thor’s a latte fan. #Thor #Marvel #UncannyAvengers #latte

So Thor’s a latte fan. #Thor #Marvel #UncannyAvengers #latte

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"Are you responsible for this box, sir?"

Time Flight - season19 - 1982